Useful Tips

1-Never use a liquid drain cleaner to clear a drain. If you cannot clear a sink with a plunger or a hand snake, call a plumber or drain cleaning company. If a liquid drain cleaner is used first to clear a stoppage and it doesn't work, most companies will not touch the drain for 24-48 hours to give the acid in the drain cleaner time to dissipate.

2-Never put chlorine tablets into the toilet tank. These tablets will eat away at the rubber parts inside of the toilet tank and cause it to leak.

3-Handles for the toilet or faucet shut-off valves won't budge? Loosen the packing nut behind the handle. Many times this will help to break the handle stem free. Be sure to tighten the packing nut again once the handle is moving. Otherwise, you will end up with a leak.

4-Always disconnect your garden hose in the winter to prevent the frost-proof hosebib from becoming freeze damaged.

5-Replace your rubber washing machine hoses with stainless steel braided hoses. A rubber washing machine hose that bursts has the potential to dump 500 gallons of water per hour into the house if left unchecked.

6-Use white vinegar to dissolve lime deposits on faucets and showerheads.

7-Sump pump not working? If there are two plugs for the sump pump that are plugged into each other, disconnect the plugs. One plug is for the pump and the other is for the switch. Connect the plug for the pump into the outlet. If the pump turns on then you now know that you have a bad switch. If you don't have the two plugs as described above, be sure to check your breaker panel for a tripped circuit breaker.

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